The passion of a creative craftswomen

Ceramist artist and glassmaker, I conceive, work and distribute my creations in Québec and Canada.   Self-taught, I have worked stained glass for 16 years and I have participated in several exhibitions of which the Salon des Métiers d' Art du Quebec in Montreal and the "One of a kind" in Toronto.


Then I discovered earthenware and raku techniques  in 1998.     With passion, I create colorful and plump characters, Inuit figurines and children wrapped up under their scarves!


They are all different, but very representative of our Québec winters.


And finally, I started working glass again with fusion and thermoforming techniques, as well as how to integrate ceramics in certain pieces.   With my imagination, I let my hands and my fingers speak and I create with such pleasure!   I believe that if our artistic culture disappears, we’ll also disappear.

Michèle Dubé

514 961-5573